Mar 27 2015

10 Light Fixture Trends That We Absolutely Love

You have probably heard of actors having to “find their light” when it comes to their careers. However, what about when it comes to homeowners? They have to “find the right light” for their homes too. Here are some of the 2015 trends in lighting that we are loving!home lighting trends


Chandeliers are not just for mansion foyers now a days. They have mainstreamed into typical homes as well. Chandeliers come in numerous shapes, sizes, and colors. Many homeowners have selected small-scale chandeliers to spruce up spaces in their homes, like dining rooms and even bedrooms.

Edison Bulbs

Edison bulbs are compact fluorescent bulbs, masquerading as incandescent bulbs. These Edisons are hip additions especially to restaurants in 2015, but they also play a role in home lighting. It is hard to beat their vintage yet classy look!

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights provide focused illumination while still being able to adapt to a variety of room styles. Larger pendant lights can serve in a similar way to chandeliers. Many homeowners are now using pendant lights to create a stunning impression by grouping four or five together.


Light-emitting diodes, modernly known as LED lights, continue to become more compact and inexpensive. They can be purchased as ready-to-install fixtures or as bulbs that fit existing lighting. LED lights more and more closely resemble traditional lighting, and they are an energy savings alternative, which a major selling point for these lighting fixtures.


Copper lighting is also emerging as a leading trend in modern light fixtures. New wall-mounted fixtures, chandeliers, and pendants are being updated with copper coverings for a more classic look. Additionally, the combination of copper plating on fixtures with Edison bulbs will be popular for years to come!

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lights allow homeowners to illuminate often-dark spaces like cabinets, shelving, and even inside drawers. Compact LED fixtures can also be placed almost anywhere, and the recessed installation saves room in tight spaces.

Wall-mounted Fixtures

Keep in mind – wall-mounted fixtures are not just for hotel corridors. Homeowners are now using wall installations to illuminate hallways, bedrooms, and even dining rooms. Wall-mounted fixtures add a little something to a house, and just like pendant lights, they can be designed to fit any style.

Wireless Lighting

Another trend in home lighting relates to how lights are controlled. Home security systems can be controlled remotely, and now lighting can be too! It is important to adjust home lighting while you are away. Be sure to turn off your lights when you are at work as well or even set timers for lights to go on before you get home.

Track and Rail Lighting

Track and rail lighting are space efficient and highly customizable. When installed with LED bulbs, they pack a big punch for a small amount of room. Track lighting can also be easily adjusted if you make changes to the room.

Green Lighting

Going green is not just a passing trend! Energy efficient lighting and cost savings will continue to be desired by homeowners in 2015 and for future years to come.

Just like actors, homeowners can learn to “find their light” too! These 10 lighting trends for 2015 will certainly serve as inspiration for homeowners to keep their homes classy and illuminated.

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