May 30 2014

4 Simple Bathroom Decorating Ideas

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Bathrooms are an easy way to make a big impression, whether it’s for guests or potential buyers for your home. It’s easy for them to be neglected – especially when they don’t need any heavy maintenance – but once in a while it’s nice to refresh them, to give them a new look and a needed update. If you find yourself eyeing your bathroom and thinking a change is in order, try following some of these quick and inexpensive bathroom decorating ideas:

1. A fresh spot of color

The right application of color to your bathroom can make the room feel bigger and help create a stunning first impression. The key is to account for the lighting and the other existing colors in the room. If you have lighter-hued tile floor, consider painting the walls a deeper blue or a green. If you like your wall color, try switching out the towels. Pick a lighter or darker color that stands out from the walls.

2. Hook ‘em

Adding new hooks or towel racks can completely change the look of a bathroom. Find vintage hooks at a garage sale or architectural salvage store, or search home improvement stores for matching sets of hooks and racks. This not only improves the usefulness of the room (ever find yourself after a shower, scrambling for a towel to dry off with?) but also adds a nice visual touch, whether it’s vintage or modern.

3. Up the walls

If you’re limited on floor space, take to the walls to improve your bathroom. Make more room by removing a sink with bottom shelves and replacing it with a simple wall-mounted one. Rather than employing large standing shelves that eat up square footage, install simple wall shelving. As a plus, these shelves let you show off decorative bathroom pieces, colorful soaps, or a new set of towels. If you’re all set for shelf space, consider sprucing up the bathroom with a piece or two of colorful local artwork.

4. Tile away

Remarkable tile features often define bathrooms, but they don’t have to be fancy to ‘wow’ your guests. Consider a simple tile backsplash to add a punch of color; choose colors that complement the floors, walls, or even your towels. Installing floor tile is not as difficult as you think, however, it is important to do your research, prep your work area properly, and make sure that you have a leveled surface to start wit. Most home improvement stores offer pre-packaged designs and patterns, which allow you to add smaller tiles while avoiding a lot of work with the tile cutter. Many stores also host classes on easy tile installation, so you can go in feeling like an expert.

Keep it simple

Improving a bathroom makes a big impact on your home, and you don’t have to break the bank to do it. Simple fixes like a new pop of color, a little tile, hooks, or shelving can make your bathroom feel like a completely new space. For more bathroom decorating ideas and inspiration, check out our portfolio!

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