Aug 21 2014

Building Your Own Home? Be Sure to Ask These 5 Questions in a Home Design Consultation

It’s easy to feel a lot of pressure when considering home design options. You want everything to be perfect, and you’re concerned that one wrong choice will affect you in years to come. By preparing yourself and asking the proper questions, however, you can ensure the process is easy and enjoyable. Get off on the right foot by asking these five important questions when consulting with your designer.

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 Can I see your portfolio?

Looking at examples of the designer’s past work gives you a sense of both the quality and the fit for your own personal style. This allows you to check the designer’s credentials, reviews, and experience, too. Designers will gladly share their portfolio, to help inspire your own ideas and show off their capabilities.

What do I pick, and when do I need to pick it?

There are hundreds of decisions to be made, from floor plans to paint colors to lighting fixtures. Different elements are applied or installed at different times, so you need to know what comes standard with the design and what you need to choose. You need to know your “due dates,” too. By what time should you have chosen the style of mirrors for the bathrooms? At what point do the builders need to know which cabinets to use, or what appliances you’ve ordered? And this should lead you to question #3:

What is the overall timeline, and what affects it?

You’ll need a timeline to plan closing on the mortgage and moving in. How long does your designer estimate it will take to build the house? How do your personal choices affect the timeline, and what might delay it? For instance, does it take longer to build a four-bedroom versus a three-bedroom home? Are certain types of flooring faster to install than others? Or will choices in lighting or HVAC slow down electrical installation?

Who handles what?

You’ll be talking to a lot of people, asking questions and giving answers, so you want to know who to contact in any situation and who is responsible for what. Who is in charge of the actual building of the house? Who handles inspections and making sure everything is up to code? Does the builder handle landscaping as well?

How do we handle problems?

One of the biggest fears of future homeowners is, “What if something goes wrong?” or “What if I don’t like the way it’s turning out?” It’s better to map out a plan early on with your designer. That way, if something does seem off, you’ll have a process for handling these issues quickly and effectively.

By asking these important questions at your design consultation – and continuing to ask them until they’re answered – you can assure that the home building process is exciting and rewarding. After all, this is why you’re building your own home! You want to be part of the process, and asking the right questions will keep you fully involved and satisfied with the outcome. To request a free consultation with Reliance Design Build Remodel, shoot us an email or give us a call!

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