Behrooz Motamedi

Owner + Project Manager 10+ years residential construction industry experience


Behrooz has an educational background in civil engineering and construction from The Ohio State University. He is a construction specialist with a background in real estate, space design, and computers. Behrooz is the proud owner of a 4 year old beagle named Armin.


Familiar with the Franklin County building structures and housing market trends
Extremely detail oriented
Extensive experience in residential construction work

The One Thing

Behrooz’s main goal during each project is to deliver a final product that exceeds the expectations of clients. To do so, he works to make the construction process smooth, convenient, and enjoyable.

The Difference Maker

A strong team leader, Behrooz inspires each member of his team to give 150% to every task they perform in the life of a project.


I’m an outdoor enthusiast. In the winters, I love snowboarding. In the warmer months, I really enjoy camping, running, working out, and biking.