Oct 31 2014

Behind the Blueprints – How We Build Central Ohio’s Best Team of Contractors


From time to time, we encounter homeowners who have had a bad experience with independent contractors. From unfinished projects to ever-extending deadlines, they have been left disappointed by a less-than-satsifactory construction process. One homeowner recently told us that she was told a job would only take one month to complete. Three months later, she was still waiting.

At Reliance, we believe that this type of behavior simply shouldn’t happen. Here’s how we vet our contracting teams – the skilled workers and craftsman who bring projects to life – to ensure that only the best subcontractors in Central Ohio work on your home project.

We hire experienced contractors, who can provide referrals

We look for subcontractors that have at least 3-5 years experience. This gives us a reference for the quality of work as well as an indication of their work habits.  In addition, we have found that the best candidates come to us through referrals. We want to know that they can perform excellent work and make clients happy in order to confidently bring the same results to you.

Each subcontractor goes through a mentoring period

Once we hire a new subcontractor, the worker is given a written agreement that outlines our expectations for their work. This document is used consistently with every employee to evaluate our work. New contractors are closely mentored for one month, giving us time to effectively evaluate their skills. This process continually ensures that we are bringing the best contractors to your home remodeling project.

We hold daily onsite meetings with project managers

At Reliance, we believe communication is key to a job well done – both between our employees and with our clients. The subcontractors on a job site have daily meetings with the project manager to make sure everything is on track, and we always make ourselves available to clients for any needs that may arise. All of our subcontractors go through a semi-annual evaluation, allowing us to continue to advance the skillset of our contracting team.

We thoroughly believe that we have the best team of contractors and skilled workers in the field. The men and women on our build teams have brought incredible projects to life and are fully committed to treating each homeowner with the utmost respect throughout each phase of the project. Don’t just take our word for it – listen to what our customers are saying!

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