Feb 23 2015

From “Fixer-Upper” to Pinterest Worthy: Transforming Your Home

We’ve all been there: you find yourself staring at the walls, or the cabinets, or the carpet – and you know it’s time to update your home. The paint doesn’t match from room to room, the lighting needs a serious upgrade, and those cabinets… well, they’re only a couple decades old, right? When you know it’s time to fix up your home, follow our four home transformation tips.

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Tip #1: Get Inspired

First, you need ideas. It doesn’t hurt to look elsewhere for inspiration. See if these sources jog your creativity:

– Pinterest! Spend some time searching through images of other creative home designs. Pick or choose elements that appeal to you.

– Read up on other completed projects. Browse our Houzz page to find inspiration in our renovation work.

– Pick a focal point. Don’t start with the whole project – find something you love and build around that, like a painting, a rug, or a favorite lighting fixture.

Tip #2: Go For Unity

When you’re delving into home interior design, remember the big picture. You’re renovating your home, not just one room. Think how all the pieces fit together.

– Understand your home. When was it built? What’s the stated style? How can your updates stay true to the DNA of your house?

– If you’re painting, keep a binder of all the colors you plan to use. Look at them side by side, so you understand the full color spectrum of your home.

– Special tip: paint the second room in your home a bright or neutral color. This is the second room guests will step into when entering the house. For instance, if the first room in the door is an entryway, guests might step next into a living room or a dining room. A bright color palette in this second room will make the entire home feel larger.

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Tip #3: Understand Your Budget

If you’re not careful, it’s easy to blow through your budget. Carefully plan out how you will finance the project, and consider these elements:

– What inexpensive fixes will have a big effect? How can paint transform a room? Rather than replacing windows, will new window treatments do? How can we change the mood of a room via better lighting, fixtures, or even new light switch covers?

– Design for the long term. Don’t just think about quick fixes, think about how your house will operate in the future. Remember your decisions today will affect your home for many years.

– Get estimates: talk to friends and family about their experiences with home remodeling. Ask multiple contractors to bid out your project, and see which one is most cost-effective.

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Tip #4: DIY vs. Professional

Some things you can do on your own, but some things require a professional. Make sure you research what you’re capable of doing versus what should be done by a pro. Ask yourself:

– Are you a certified electrician?

– Do you know how to properly hang drywall?

– Can you install plumping to a new sink?

– Do you know how to handle the necessary power tools?

– Have you ever mixed or poured concrete?

If you find yourself answering ‘no’ to a lot of these, you should turn to help.

When you’re inspired to fix your home, but find yourself in need of a professional to help transform it, draw on Reliance Design Build Remodel’s years of experience!

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