Additions and New Construction

Additional Remodeling Services

Whether you’re looking to capitalize on the charm of your old house or expand your living space, we’re here to help. Reliance offers services to assist you every step of the way, not only when it comes to remodeling, but also building or buying a new home or even selling your current one. Whatever your vision for your home may be, Reliance can make it a reality.

Architectural Services

Reliance understands the importance of design in every aspect of the building and renovating process. The variety of architectural design services we provide are executed to meet your custom needs and transform your home into your dream space. Our architectural services include:

Real Estate Services

If you’re in the market for a new home or you’re looking to sell your current one, Reliance’s licensed real estate agent can help with all of your real estate needs! When it comes to shopping for a new home, our agent will provide guidance on everything from finding the right neighborhood to potential renovations and remodeling. If you’re a current homeowner wanting to sell your house, our agent can advise you on staging and home improvements to get you the best possible sale. We are here to counsel you on any stage of the process and insure that all of your needs are met!

The Reliance Difference

At Reliance we put our meticulous attention to detail into everything we do, whether it be a design consultation on a renovation or real estate information on buying a new home. We cover everything in between, and our job isn’t done until you’re satisfied with your results. We listen to all of your wants and needs in order to guarantee you an outcome you’ll love!

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