Home Design & Consultation

From initial space planning to permit drawings and material selection, we’ve integrated design into every step of our overall process. Well-designed spaces are integral to the comfort and functionality of your living space and we offer a full range of services to meet your design needs.

Space Planning

Following each consultation appointment, we provide our clients with preliminary space planning and potential layouts for their project. This allows you to see what possibilities exist in your space and how they may suit your needs. Based on your feedback, we will edit, perfect, and finalize the plan for your space and begin the estimation process. These preliminary design drawings will provide a basis for any architectural drawings that may be needed later on in the construction process.

Material Selection

The materials and finishes used in your project help personalize and distinguish your space. The final quality of your project is dependent on the materials used for both its internal structure and visible finishes. We research and provide material options that are unique to your project and reflect your interests and style. Our relationships with local showrooms, professional resources, and consultants provide us with the tools necessary to find the best options for your project.

Architectural Drawings & Permits

The construction permit process is one that can be confusing to start and difficult to manage. We make the process easy and manageable by providing architectural services alongside design and construction management. From submission to inspection, we will manage the process and ensure that all requirements for inspection and occupancy are met.

3D Modeling & Animation

Once your project is scheduled for construction, we will provide 3D modeling to ensure that the final results meet your expectations. The modeling process provides visualization of your finishes space and allows you to make modification to the layout of your project. In the case that you project requires detailed visualization, we will provide animation alongside 3D renderings to help clarify the specifics of your space.

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