“A leak in the icemaker water line went undetected for several years and resulted in major damage to the kitchen floor and the bathroom ceiling and walls below the kitchen (house is a split level).  My insurance company sent a company to dry the damaged areas and then handed me a list of contractors to call for repairs.  I didn’t even look at the list – I wouldn’t consider using any other contractor.

I contacted Ben and he came the next day and we discussed options to repair the damage to the kitchen and bathroom.  I was only thinking of replacing the kitchen floor and the ceiling/wall in the bath below.  My house is almost 50 years old so the kitchen was out-of-date and not very functional.  While talking with Ben I asked him to look at options for updating more of the kitchen than just the floor.  I was curious to see what could be done and of course, what it would cost.

I met Ben at his office a few days later and was so excited by his design ideas, I knew immediately I wanted to remodel the entire kitchen.  I never would have thought it was possible to make the changes Ben recommended to my boring, old 1960’s kitchen.  To make a long story short – the initial kitchen design evolved to include removing the wall between the kitchen and dining room, installing, replacing and refinishing all the hardwood floors throughout the main level and installing a custom-designed oak and iron staircase.  The result is wonderful.  I never dreamed I could have a kitchen that looks like this – it’s beautiful.

The kitchen and dining room were completely gutted and structural, electrical and plumbing was replaced or updated.  New cabinets, drywall, hardwood floors, granite (an island I never dreamed of having), new appliances, lighting, all new fixtures, etc.  In addition to the new (double sized)  kitchen the downstairs bathroom was renovated to include new ceiling and walls, new vanity and linen closet, new granite counter, sink and fixtures.  Additionally a two level, custom designed red oak and iron staircase in the entry – it is just beautiful – it’s art.

Ben has great vision and taste.  He understood what I liked and I trust his recommendations completely.  In fact, it got to the point where I would just ask Ben to choose because I knew whatever he picked I was going to like as much, if not better, than what I would have picked.  That is a lot of trust and it speaks volumes.

My project grew in scope and evolved over months and the quality of work and attention to detail never waivered – Ben or Bruce  stopped on-site every single day to check progress, answer questions, problem-solve with the staff, etc. They made sure I understood the process and was happy with the work performed and didn’t have any questions.

This company is so unique and special.  Every person that works for this company is highly-skilled, professional and servicer-oriented.  Ben and Bruce do a fantastic job hiring staff – these are the nicest people and they care so much about the quality of their work and making sure you are happy with the outcome.  I had the great fortune to have Matt leading my remodel and he is exceptional.  He cares deeply about quality and his work is meticulous.  I looked forward to coming home from work everyday and seeing the progress.  In addition to Matt, I was lucky to have Mike and Mike and T….talented, great people.  I trust every employee of this company – their skills, personality, dependability and honesty.

It can be difficult living through a remodeling project but Reliance makes it as easy as possible on the family.  Ben and Bruce are completely committed to their clients.  They don’t want you to be satisfied with the results, they want you to love it – you will.”

Kitchen Remodel September 09, 2013

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